I do not know what feelings now
I am not sure correct or not what I do now
I already have that have
I love my boyfriend will wholeheartedly
I never thought you'd like cheating

first ................
I live not even friends with him Stocks
I always sell expensive with him
I do not even wanted to talk to him
I always shy away from him
I never answer when he calls

now ................
I met again with him in facebook
I always thought he
I always answer when he calls and messages
I do not know what I do
I do not want all this happens

  1. whether I am guilty?
  2. Bring what I do?
  3. I lie invented by yourself?
  4. whether I have become someone else?
  5. how I want to improve the situation?

please give me instructions for me to improve themselves… before I made a mistake that will excite the true holy again… I do not want to disappoint anyone… especially friends who I love… I’m sorry my love… I promise never again repeat the mistake that I did one time… I promosi dear…

do not even blame the other .. because the guilty themselves very itchy .. so, accept the fact and bear the consequences himself later ...I am a fool for love a man with a double allegiance ...

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