I do not know what feelings now
I am not sure correct or not what I do now
I already have that have
I love my boyfriend will wholeheartedly
I never thought you'd like cheating

first ................
I live not even friends with him Stocks
I always sell expensive with him
I do not even wanted to talk to him
I always shy away from him
I never answer when he calls

now ................
I met again with him in facebook
I always thought he
I always answer when he calls and messages
I do not know what I do
I do not want all this happens

  1. whether I am guilty?
  2. Bring what I do?
  3. I lie invented by yourself?
  4. whether I have become someone else?
  5. how I want to improve the situation?

please give me instructions for me to improve themselves… before I made a mistake that will excite the true holy again… I do not want to disappoint anyone… especially friends who I love… I’m sorry my love… I promise never again repeat the mistake that I did one time… I promosi dear…

do not even blame the other .. because the guilty themselves very itchy .. so, accept the fact and bear the consequences himself later ...I am a fool for love a man with a double allegiance ...

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JUS MATE 5 boleh kurus ke?

Kembalikan zaman kurus aq dulu... boring r cubby², cute², comel² da sekarang.. byk bju da ketat, seluar pn da de yg xmuat.... aduhai......... nk gemuk bkn main senang agi... nk kurus bkn main susah agi... best aje tgk org lain kurus.. nk kurus semula... help!!!!! klu tau jd gemuk cm nie x ah aq nk makan ikut suka aje... da cm² ubat da aq cuba.. now aq mencuba Jus Mate 5 nie lak.. tp berhasilkah? sape pernah minum Jus Mate 5 nie? pe kesannya erk? aq mae redah aje.. beli aje...

THANKS Sudi Baca Entry Ini... Tekan LIKE jika SUKA... Bagi COMMENTS jika Menarik tau..! ;)

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